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New Engraving Service!

Due to an increasing demand by customers for personalised I.O.Shen knives, we have invested in a Roland 3 axis CNC engraving machine installed at the Bicester Factory.

We are able to engrave personal messages on up to 3 lines (depending on the width of the knife).

Charles Campion Reviews I.O.Shen

“Among top chefs there is a continuing fascination with Japanese knives – perhaps they all nurse a secret wish to be Samaurai warriors?

….I.O.Shen has produced a reasonably prices japanese blade (triplex steel, multi layers to hold a fine edge longer) with a European-style handle (for better grip and with a special ornate tang designed for durability).

…..they are a joy to use”

Independent Magazine – Feb ’07

Sunday Mirror gives I.O.Shen 10/10 to 21cm Chefs Knife

  • Triple layer steel gives a razor sharp edge, while it’s blade and handle have near-perfect balance and stability
  • Carrot:  Clean cut, no drag on blade. Cuts paper thin slices.
  • Tomato: Makes quick work of even the ripest – no hang-ups on troublesome outer skin.
  • Onion: Cuts like it’s not even there! Slight curvature of the blade makes dicing a breeze.

Verdict: The Luke Skywalker light-sabre of chef’s knives!

Reviews by Doug McKinlay