How important are sharp knives?

The answer is VERY for a number of reasons…

Believe it or not – a sharp knife is far safer than a blunt one.  It is far less likely to slip when slicing certain food items (e.g. onions).

Try using a sharp knife continuously, then a blunt one. The extra effort and concentration required is considerable.

Take two chefs and give one a sharp knife and the other a blunt one. The chef with the sharp knife will prepare far more food within the same time period.

A chef with access to a fast efficient sharpening system (as opposed to a conventional steel) will spend more time working and less time sharpening.

Where prepared food items are on display, those cut or sliced with a sharp knife have a far more attractive appearance.

Portion Control:
A sharp knife will cut exactly the portion required, a blunt one will not. Test this statement by cutting a tomato with a blunt, then sharp knife.

The Nirey KE280 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener will sharpen virtually any knife (serrated, curved, single edged, etc.) as new – or better than new:

  • Quickly
  • Without special skills
  • Safely
  • With less knife wear
  • At low cost