Knife care


Always store out of the reach of children.  The MB900 strong magnetic knife bar mounted at the back of a kitchen base unit is recommended.

Never leave sharp knives in washing up water.  Wash, dry and immediately store.
Leaving I.O.Shen knives in water for prolonged periods of time invalidates the lifetime guarantee.
Rust may appear and result in chipping of the knife edge.  Do not use a scourer (steel wool) to clean your knives as this will result in scratching of the blade and any iron particles left on the steel may encourage rust to form.

Knife care & sharpening

Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended and will invalidate the warranty.
High temperatures and salt are very corrosive to high quality stainless steel.

Even the super-hard cutting edge of I.O.Shen knives will eventually blunt with use.

The recommended sharpening methods are:

A fine whetstone – this requires some skill and will take some time.

Rockwell 62° steel is extremely hard.

Electric knife sharpening machines:

The KE198 Knife Wizard will sharpen I.O.Shen knives but use only the fine abrasive section.  ‘Break in’ the fine abrasive wheels with other knives (perhaps 5 or 6) before you use on the I.O.Shen Knives).

Some light cutter marks will be visible.

The professional Nirey KE3000 knife sharpener or Commercial KE280 are highly recommended. They will restore the razor sharp edge quickly and with a polished edge finish.

Use only the fine abrasive belts for the best finish.

We do not recommend the use of any other knife sharpener – manual or electric.  Most of those tested are too aggressive in operation and may damage your blades.