Frequently asked questions

Can I dishwasher my knives?

We do not recommend dishwashering knives for a number of reasons:

  • Dishwasher salt is corrosive and will ‘eat’ into the steel on the knives causing rusting issues.
  • The heat in dishwashers can react with the metal in the handle causing it to expand. This in turn could cause cracking of the handle.
  • The heat and salt in dishwashers turn the stunning black handles into charcoal looking handles over time.
  • If you place a knife blade-down in the dishwasher basket, you are blunting it unneccesarily. If you place a knife blade-up – this is an extreme health hazzard when it comes to removing it from the dishwasher.
  • Dishwashering of I.O.Shen knives invalidates the life-time guarantee.

Yes. You can either purchase the replacement belts or wheels via our website. Or, if you call us on 01869 357700, we will be able to take your order and send them out directly.

As long as you take care of your knives, they come with a life-time guarantee. This does not mean that they will stay sharp forever, it means that they will not break or fall apart!

The motor of the KE198 has a comprehensive 2 year guarantee (for domestic use only) and the wheels are guaranteed for life. There are no spare or accessories needed for this machine.

The KE3000 and KE280 have a 1 year guarantee of the motor – however these are incredibly reliable machines and you should not encounter any mechanical issues.

The only way you can break or rip a sharpening belt for the KE3000 and KE280 is by standing incorrectly when using the machine (this is covered in the instructions).

Belts are ripped when the knife enters the machine at an awkward angle and clips the side of the belt.

For right-handed users, line up the sharpening grooves with your right shoulder (left-handed users, vice-versa), not with the centre of your body.

You are now in the perfect position to sharpen your knives and belts cannot break.