Butcher’s Scimitar

Butcher’s Scimitar


The I.O. Shen Scimitar was designed to perform several jobs without the need to change knives. The European angle to the first 13cm of the knife allows for small/medium bone work (for example poultry & lamb). The Japanese angle in the last 17cm of the blade is the precision meat slicer. An I.O. Shen twist on the traditional Butcher’s steak knife.

The Scimitar is long enough to act as a slicer for large cuts of cooked and raw meats. It works as a classic butcher’s scimitar and the heavier European style blade profile at the heel means that smaller bones, gristle, cartilage etc. can be dealt with easily. While it’s a large blade, it’s well balanced and the I.O. Shen handle means it’s comfortable to work with for extended periods of time.

Iain Devine (AKA The Drunken Butcher) – designer.

This is a knife of epic proportions. Versatile, stylish, well balanced and most importantly, perfect for butchery.

Simon Wood, UK Masterchef Winner 2015.

“This Scimitar is ‘the’ kitchen tactical blade and boldest, most multifunctional knife in the series”

Dr Sweetsmoke, BBQ Legend.

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