Chai Khom Santoku

Chai Khom Santoku


Cleverly designed with a slightly smaller, mid-size handle the I.O.Shen Chai Khom Knife has a short, Santoku-style blade that suits almost any cook. Perfectly weighted, the very deep blade allows chefs with large hands to use this knife just as nimbly as someone with small hands and dainty digits – and, of course, you can also use the blade to transfer chopped food from chopping board to pan.

Capable of cutting through heaps of fruit or veg prep without the ‘KP’ getting tired, it’s also weighty enough to cut through meat, fish and poultry. The strong point is perfect for scoring into the surface of joints of meat, fish skin or squid and the short, gently-curved edge makes it ideal for a ‘rock chop’ action when chopping herbs.

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