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Maoui Deba

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Designed to balance perfectly in the cook’s hand, this deep-bladed I.O.Shen Maoui Deba Knife was developed for I.O.Shen by Yorkshire chef Karim Maoui to be the sort of knife that chefs never put down and has been described by the Two Michelin Star chef, Daniel Clifford, as “a dream in the hand”.

Deba knives were traditionally used in Japan for filleting fish, but this deep, well-balanced blade is a multi-functional knife that you’ll find yourself using for a multitude of tasks. Unlike a traditional Deba, this blade is sharpened on both sides to suit Western chefs.

A smaller version is also available, the Khay Dee Deba Knife

170mm in length and 57mm in depth at its widest point, it has a beautiful curve to the edge leading to an arrow head point.

“Designed to fit and balance perfectly in the hand. For me, it’s the perfect compromise of the weight of a German knife with the exquisite cutting edge of Japanese craftsmanship” – Chef Karim Maoui, Designer.

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Dimensions 170 × 57 cm

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  1. Darcus

    Quite possibly the best knife in my collection. This thing is razor sharp, and has stayed razor sharp for a long time! The blade is well balanced, it’s got a good weight to it. The shape of it seems strange, but once you use it, it becomes an extension of your hand. Be careful – you won’t let anyone touch your Maoui Deba once you have it!

    • natalie

      The Maoui Deba is an extremely special blade. So glad you’re enjoying it!

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