Oriental Slicer

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Oriental Slicer


This is one of the most versatile knife in the I.O.Shen range.

The depth to the blade makes light work of tough root vegetables such as swede, butternut squash and turnips whilst the dramatic curve acts like a mezeluna and is perfect for ‘rock’ chopping delicate herbs.

The point mimics a chef’s knife to allow you to do intricate work and the depth ensures that your fingers are kept safe!

This is a stunning looking knife and totally unique in design. No other knife manufacturers have a knife of this shape!!

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2 reviews for Oriental Slicer

  1. Paul Brown

    An unusual shaped blade but extremely versatile. I can use the point to dig into vegetables; the broad shape lets me scoop and blind chop quickly with confidence; rocking on the curved edge makes it easy and comfortable to finely chop or mince; and it holds its edge longer than any other knife in my kitchen.

    The curved edge theoretically means you could not slice clean through broad items like a large onion, in practice this rarely happens. Using an actual slicing motion rather than a chop means it never happens.

    The inner metal that holds that sharp edge so well is more brittle, it has to be that hard to be that sharp and hold the edge so well. That means this knife is not dishwasher safe. Unfortunately some people who I no longer speak to snuck my knife into the dishwasher, and mine now has a couple of minor chips in the edge. These don’t effect functionality, but sharpening them out is slow progress due to the hardness of that steal. A good knife needs due care.

    This is my favourite knife, I’ve used it for 5 years. I’ve never found another knife that can cut, slice, chop, crush, gouge, scoop, cleave and retain its edge quite like this one.

  2. Jim (verified owner)

    This is a superb knife, extremely versatile and sharp. The point means you can use it for normal chef work whilst the curved blade makes it ideal for chopping. The very deep blade means you can blind chop with confidence. The broad blade also means you can use the knife to scoop and transfer ingredients to the pan. I tend to use this more than my chefs knife as it’s suitable for so many tasks. Well worth the money ! Delivery from IO Shen was really fast and efficient.

    • natalie

      Thanks Jim! The Oriental Slicer rocks! It was in the original line up for I.O.Shen….back in the day when we only had 7 knives in the range!!

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