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This is one of the most instantly recognisable blades on the market.

The ‘younger brother’ to the Oriental Slicer, it can tackle the same tough root vegetables and delicate herbs with the added bonus of being lighter and particularly useful at slicing and dicing meat.

The amazingly sharp point strips through vegetables with ease and the heal of the blade is a ‘tour du force’!

Blade length 16.5cm.

Here’s what customers are saying:

I purchased this particular knife to give me a blade between my 9″ chef and 5″ utility knives, both of which are also I.O.Shen items.
The handle is as large as my chef’s knife, which I really like. The blade is not as heavy as I expected, which initially was a cause for concern, but after use, preparing onions, ginger, potatoes and herbs, I found those concerns to be completely unfounded. The balance of this knife is what makes it for me; I can use it for tap and rock chopping at considerable speed with utter confidence.
I would recommend this knife wholeheartedly for general use as it has both power and accuracy to cover most bases. A definite winner for me!

5 out of 5


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3 reviews for Santoku

  1. Mr. Wolf.. An UrbanSpice Man.. (verified owner)

    A brilliant knife to hold in the hand, excellent balance, and versatile in where on the blade you wish to cut. The edge is fabulously sharp and holds well. The Weight of the handle gives great confidence in the control of the working blade. A great knife to have whether keen amateur like me, or a pukka professional chef.

  2. Nic Williams – Meat Smoke Fire (verified owner)

    Wow, just wow.

    I’ve had a beautiful 6” chefs knife I picked up in Japan on a trip there a few years ago. It has had about 95% of the use in my kitchen, being great for everything bar deboning. I bought this Santoku knife thinking it would be nice for smaller tasks. How wrong I was. It’s now my go-to, and my chefs knife hardly gets a look in.

    The blade is superb, and the solid, chunky handle, so nice to work with. It’s super sharp, and holds the edge. I’ve found the rounded blade lovely to work with. I can’t praise this allrounder enough.

    I’ve already recommended this knife to a few friends, one of whom has ordered one.

    • natalie

      Thanks so much Nic! Epic review. Natalie x

  3. James Vaisey – East Eats West

    This was my second IO Shen knife after the cleaver. Whilst the cleaver is a massively useful tool, and much more than a knife, this was the perfect back up for running through veg, herbs and all general duties that a western chefs knife would do. As someone who primarily cooks SE Asian food, I don’t tend to use Western style knives as I’m more comfortable using Asian knives.

    • natalie

      Great review! Thanks James. Natalie x

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