Suraisu Slicer

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Suraisu Slicer


The I.O. Shen Suraisu Slicer, developed by Cotswold’s Chef Wayne Sullivan, features an extended curve to its blade to mimic natural arm movement when slicing. It has a mid-sized handle which balances perfectly in the hand and is equipped with an Oriental tanto tip for precision.

“It’s the best slicer I have ever used.”

Chef Daniel Clifford, Midsummer House.

“During the design process, it was important to have a mid-sized handle for this blade to maximise precision, whilst still keeping that Oriental design philosophy synonymous with I.O. Shen.”

Chef Wayne Sullivan – Designer.

“The Suraisu Slicer is the most perfect knife I’ve ever had the pleasure to pick up.”

Chef Mark Poynton.

“The pronounced sweeping curve mimics natural arm movement, making slicing intensely accurate and effortless”

Dr Sweetsmoke AKA Alvin Harris – BBQ Legend.

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2 reviews for Suraisu Slicer

  1. Jack D

    Probably one of the best knives I’ve ever bought 👌🏻 Amazing knife for any kind of slicing

  2. Jed tejada

    Balance entre el cosinero y una piesa de arte – “Balance between the cook and a piece of art”

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