3 Piece Knife Set

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3 Piece Knife Set


This I.O.Shen Cooks Knife 3 Piece Knife Set includes:

The I.O. Shen 105mm Pointed Paring Knife is a comfortable fit, a stiletto point and ultra-sharp steel, this gorgeous knife is a staple in any kitchen and makes light work of smaller food preparation tasks. However, don’t be fooled by it’s size…this knife means business and it can even tackle swede! The stiletto point is particularly useful for more intricate work, from carving designs to hulling strawberries.

The I.O. Shen 160mm Sahm Khom Slicer / Santoku Knife is Pronounced “Sam Com”, which translated literally means triple sharp (in homage to the Triplex Steel Technology in the blade), this is one of the most instantly recognisable blades on the market. The younger sibling of the Oriental Slicer, it can tackle the same tough root vegetables and delicate herbs with the added bonus of being lighter and particularly useful at slicing and dicing meat. The amazingly sharp point strips through vegetables with ease and the heal of the blade is a tour de force.

The I.O.Shen 210mm Chef’s Knife is the most popular size. The blade is long enough to tackle small joints whilst the depth is useful for all kinds of food preparation including vegetables, fish and meat. This really is a “one size fits all” blade. A great knife to start your collection with.

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1 review for 3 Piece Knife Set

  1. Debbie Leng

    Amazing knives that stay sharp! This combined with the Knife Wizard sharpening system are fantastic. These are the 3 knives I use the most. Have been using them over 10 years now, and always get comments from friends when the visit and use them! Good value for money and sit beautifully in the hand.

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