Carving Knife

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Carving Knife


Cutting perfect slices from any variety of roast, the long narrow blade of this I.O.Shen Carving Knife is also great for creating ultra-thin slices of home-smoked fish. A cut out at the heel of the blade ensures that even large hands will find this knife comfortable to use.

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6 reviews for Carving Knife

  1. Martin ackland (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous carving it glides effortlessly though meat even the well done crispy bits. the best knife I have ever used or owned. Had it months and yet to sharpen it!!

  2. Anthony blanc

    Absolutely brilliant, can’t go wrong and as sharp as possible

    • natalie

      Thanks for the review Anthony πŸ™‚

  3. Brownz

    Stunning bit of kit. I’m not rich, and I have to save for special things. This carving knife is a very special thing. Perfect balance, fits the hand like a comfy glove, sharper than a very sharp thing that’s just been sharpened. When funds allow there will be more IOShen weapons added to the arsenal. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing. Lovely kit.

    • natalie

      Great feedback! Thanks so much for taking the time πŸ™‚

  4. Anthony blanc

    A fantastic knife, I’ve tried many carving knives and this is simply to best, stays sharp all day and it’s my go to for any task

    • natalie

      Thanks Anthony – really glad you’re enjoying using it πŸ™‚

  5. Simon Oates (verified owner)

    In 30 years of cheffing this is the best carving knife I have ever owned. Absolutely love it. Feel & balance are perfect. It’s razor sharp and effortless to use.
    My only problem is which knife to buy next πŸ€”

    • natalie

      Fantastic review – thanks Simon! Natalie x

  6. Nathan

    I was giften this knife and I.O.Shen fork for xmass, its an absolute wonder, I also own Messermeister, Shun, (one chefs and one carver), Acros boning Knife, Icel cleaver, smaller longer lighter cleaver JiaJiaCS, I use Japanese whet stones and a leather strop for sharpening, all my knives can shave, the I.O.Shen Carving knife does a brilliant job, with its 62 rockwell hardness it will last a life time, and the intricate inlay in the handle looks a treat, great pricings can be found on this knife too making it great value for monies with what you are getting in this package. πŸ™‚

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