Chef’s Knife – 12″ / 30cm

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Chef’s Knife – 12″ / 30cm


Nicknamed ‘Excalibur’, this really is a beast of a blade!

The largest of all the chef’s knives and instantly recognisable, the well-known shape of a chef’s multi-purpose knife has become a classic in Western kitchens and this super sharp 30cm blade is great for cooks who prefer to work with a longer knife.

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3 reviews for Chef’s Knife – 12″ / 30cm

  1. Damion stent

    The best knife I have ever used in 30 years of being a chef. Comfortable, easy to keep razor sharp, well balanced

    • natalie

      Thanks Damion – the 12″ Chef’s knife is a beast but brilliantly balanced 🙂

  2. Kelly Freer (verified owner)

    A beautiful beast, I absolutely love this knife. Was a wonderful valentine’s gift from my husband, he even had it engraved! Even more so I’m left handed so i get to see my engraving even more! So well balanced and a great start to my beautiful knife set.

    • natalie

      It definitely *is* a beast! Such a handy blade. So glad you like the engraving. Natalie x

  3. Phillip Wilcock

    I have now had my I.O. Shen knives for just over 10 years. The steel is undoubtedly of the finest quality and the technology of outer and inner core is excellent with a Rockwell hardness that easily holds and maintains a razor edge. Where others have shown ageing, these (including “The Beast”) have not. For anyone contemplating a purchase, hesitation should not be an option.

    • natalie

      That is so kind Phillip – thank you! Natalie

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