Damascus Grey Handled Steak Knives Set

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Damascus Grey Handled Steak Knives Set


  • 67 layer Damascus with VG-10 steel core and a G10 handle.
  • HRC 60±2
  • Comes in a set of 6 in a presentation box.

These are essentially super sharp chef’s knives which have been tailored for slicing steak.
The preferred chopping surface is a wooden serving board simply because it will help maintain the edge.

You can purchase some stunning looking boards on the internet which are practical and stylish.

If you’re going to use these knives on a plate – just beware that they will blunt a lot quicker. If you’ve got a knife sharpener – this is not a problem at all – slice away!

If you haven’t – consider buying the KE198 Knife Wizard. It’s made by I.O.Shen and sharpens your knives in less than a minute to the exact Japanese angle that our knives have been manufactured to.

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1 review for Damascus Grey Handled Steak Knives Set

  1. Chris Wallace (verified owner)

    Beautiful knives, solid seamless construction and so so sharp. Balanced in your hand, effortless cutting action and weight, it is steak knife perfection, the new standard!

    • natalie

      Thank you so much for this lovely review! Natalie x

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