Double Sided Magnetic Knife Block Set

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Double Sided Magnetic Knife Block Set


Save over £100 with this 5-piece set, comprising four of I.O.Shen’s Knives with their Magnetic Knife Block made from hardwood. The angled profile of the block makes it easy to store a range of blade sizes alongside each other and, as it’s double-sided, there’s plenty of room to extend your collection as time goes by.

Set includes:

  • Double-sided Magnetic Knife Block with a glossy black finish and strong magnetic strips to hold even heavy knives in place
  • Pointed Paring Knife, ideal for fine chopping and fiddly tasks, it has the ultra-sharp Triplex steel 10cm blade
  • Sahm Khom Slicer for slicing, dicing and tap and push chopping. With a super-sharp Triplex steel 16cm blade
  • Chef’s Knife an iconic multi-purpose knife with a 21cm blade, beloved of European chefs and possessing the long-lasting sharpness of I.O.Shen’s Triplex steel blade
  • Extra Long Bread Knife with an efficient scalloped 25cm blade that cuts through the largest and widest artisan loaves with ease.

“It’s like Christmas in a box!”

The double-sided magnetic knife block is a triumph for knife storage. 3 lines of 900 gauss magnets hold even the longest and heaviest of knives in place.

Able to be wiped clean so is completely hygienic (as opposed to slot blocks which you can never clean!).

There is room for range expansion.

Block is also available without the knives.

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3 reviews for Double Sided Magnetic Knife Block Set

  1. Carole Thomas

    I’ve had this set about 10 years! Love it! I have a slight bend on my paring knife tip which is a bit annoying, my fault not a fault with the knives!!

    • natalie

      10 years and still going strong! Fantastic! Don’t forget that we offer a restoration and repair service for knives 🙂

  2. Jay

    I bought these knives as a gift for a family member. They are still going strong and they still look as stylish as the day I bought them.

    • natalie

      Thanks Jay – a very thoughtful present! 🙂

  3. Paul Barlow

    Arrived 2 days ago and finding any excuse possible to use them. Just ordered a knife roll so we can take the knives with us when we go touring as I couldn’t even think about using any other knives. Different level!

    • natalie

      Thanks Paul – a great review! So glad you’re enjoying them. Natalie 🙂

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