Mai Peng 10th Anniversary Gift Set

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Mai Peng 10th Anniversary Gift Set


To celebrate 10 years of I.O.Shen , the Mai Peng Paring Knife is packaged in a beautiful gift box ….with a present from us to you….. of a 9 function pen knife.

Nick-named the ‘mini Oriental Slicer’ it has a blade length of 10.5cm with a maximum depth of 2.8cm.

The bespoke dramatic curve to the blade gives it a rock chop function as well as the standard slicing capacity and the strong angle of the tip means that you can strip even the toughest of vegetables.

NOTE: The engraving option is only available for the Mai Peng, NOT the pen knife – sorry.

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2 reviews for Mai Peng 10th Anniversary Gift Set

  1. Peter

    I had this set for almost 7 years and the paring knife is my go to kitchen knife for small tasks. It holds the edge extremely well and does not require constant sharpening like my other knives. It is a fantastic little chopper as well as slicer and used for delicate operations. The little pen knife is well made and really useful for EDC. it is very small but very handy.

    • natalie

      Thanks so much for your comments Peter 🙂

  2. J.C.

    Just to say I bought a penknife / mini oriental set before Christmas and the paring knife is hands down the sharpest knife I’ve ever owned out of the box. Laughs at tomatoes, makes light work of small tasks. Very impressed!
    Also discovered over Christmas that larger chef knives are more practical so it’s likely that 2024 will see my Zwilling 7” replaced by one of your 10” versions 🙂
    I also ADORE the very small free gift chopper. Thank you so much. J.C.

    • natalie

      Thanks JC for a great review! Much appreciated. Natalie

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