Mizu Slicer

Mizu Slicer


Ideal for cutting through a herb-crusted topping on your Sunday roast and enabling you to get a perfect slice every time, even from the largest joints – the long scalloped razor-sharp edge of the I.O.Shen Mizu Slicer glides through pork crackling and the ‘bark’ of a flame-roasted or Cajun-style ‘blackened’ joint even after hours of slow-cooking in your barbecue or oven. Also benefitting from I.O.Shen’s lighter weight, medium-sized handle for easier handling, the rounded end of this knife can be used for spreading thick sauces or glazes just like a palette knife.

Designed by experts for experts, this 14″ serrated knife has been developed with help from British barbecue gurus like Alvin Harris aka DrSweetSmoke and Marcus Bawdon, the editor of UK BBQ magazine, who rates this as “a stunning blade” while Dr Sweetsmoke says: “This is 14″ of laser-like steel finesse, combined with the perfect amount of flex for smooth, single stroke cutting.”

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