MSH Ryoba

MSH Ryoba


Designed to the specification of two-Michelin-star chef, Daniel Clifford, as a perfect multi-purpose blade for every chef’s kitchen – the dual-edged I.O.Shen MSH Ryoba Knife is a little out of the ordinary – not least because it has the slightly lighter weight, medium-sized handle. And, of course, it benefits from I.O.Shen’s Triplex technology to keep its sharp edge to give ultimate performance for longer.

At first glance the MSH Ryoba is shaped like many a generic chef’s knife, but look closer and you’ll see a heavily serrated section near the heel of the blade – hence the name, which comes from a variety of Japanese saw. Daniel designed the Ryoba knife to specialise in filleting fish and carving meat and explains that the serrations give it strength at the base to tackle bones. Fellow chef and TV personality Tim Allen is a fan: “The Ryoba is my favourite tool for fish work. The toothed heel is perfect for larger specimens.”

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