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Also known as the Chinese Broad Blade Shredder.

An iconic blade – this is the only knife in the I.O.Shen family which has a practically straight cutting edge.

Almost completely straight along the cutting edge of the deep blade, this is an iconic shape for keen fans of Chinese cookery, with a rounded tip to allow greater freedom of movement. The cleaver styling lends itself to the chopping techniques used by Oriental chefs

This facilitates shredding like no other blade as there is no rocking movement – just a deft slicing action.

It is also perfect for dicing and chopping.

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1 review for Nakiri

  1. Chris Stiff

    My Wife bought me this knife for my Birthday having now used it ,it is sublime ideal for thin slices and general veg prep as with all io.Shen knives it is well balanced in your hand and very sharp would highly recommend this knife . The purchasing and delivery is speedy and the packaging with the ribbon and the wax seal lets you know you have purchased something special Thank you Chris stiff

    • natalie

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments Chris 🙂

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