2 Piece Oriental Knife Gift Set

2 Piece Oriental Knife Gift Set


This I.O.Shen Cooks Knife 2 Piece Knife Set contains:

The I.O. Shen 160mm Sahm Khom Slicer / Santoku Knife is Pronounced “Sam Com”, which translated literally means triple sharp (in homage to the Triplex Steel Technology in the blade), this is one of the most instantly recognisable blades on the market. The younger sibling of the Oriental Slicer, it can tackle the same tough root vegetables and delicate herbs with the added bonus of being lighter and particularly useful at slicing and dicing meat. The amazingly sharp point strips through vegetables with ease and the heal of the blade is a tour de force.

The I.O.Shen Mai Peng Parer has a dramatic curve to the blade that gives it a rock chop function as well as the standard slicing capacity, and the strong angle of the tip means that you can strip even the toughest of vegetables. The I.O. Shen Mai Peng Paring Knife is like a baby version of their Oriental Slicer.

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